A Woman’s Heart (AWH) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for villagers in the northeast region of the African county of the Democratic Republic of Congo that have been adversely affected by the devastation of rebel and tribal conflicts.  The purpose of AWH is to provide basic needs, including food, shelter, water, clothing, and loving support for the impoverished women, children and orphans in this region.


A former resident of the Congo who now lives in upstate New York, Irene Kamara leads AWH. Irene personally experienced the trauma of violent conflicts in the Congo and has been inspired by God’s leading to return and help those in need. She has fond childhood memories of travelling with her father for his cattle raising business in the northeast region and is interested in restoring hope and joy to the people of this area.

Irene has begun her urgent efforts in the Village of Watsa.  Here she has made connections with the local school, medical clinic, church, and farmers. The needs are great as work, food, and resources are scarce.  Food, clothing and shelter improvements are the primary reliefs and comforts initially being provided by ‘A Woman’s Heart’.

Hundreds of orphans, older women, and others in need walk for miles and wait for hours for the chance to own a new t-shirt,  pair of pants, dress or skirt!   Over 350 villagers enjoyed the 2015 Christmas dinner supplied by AWH and new homes are providing shelter for elderly women.


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Our hope is that with assistance and support, women will again be able to dream of possibilities and children will be able to have a future. Show you care by supporting ‘A Woman’s Heart’ and making a significant difference in the lives of impoverished villagers in the Congo!


Enjoy this short video that shows the good work being done for women and children in need!